About Us


Graduated from Parsons School of Design at the height of the pandemic, Wuhan-born and NY-based designer,

Terrence Zhou first came to the US to pursue a B.S. degree in Mathematics and Engineering, then transferred to Parsons to study fashion. His academic history in Mathematics and Engineering empowers a transdisciplinary conversation between natural and alien forms.Terrence Zhou fuses artistic vision and unconventional presentation to connect with his audience in the most authentic way. Pushing the boundaries, he started the brand in his New York bedroom, taking editorial photos against his messy living room. The unfiltered presentation has unexpectedly yielded global recognition via social media.

His works have been featured on the covers of prominent magazines such as Vogue (China, Portugal, UK, Italia), Glamour (USA, Germany, Spain, Mexico, South Africa, Hungary, Brazil, Bulgaria),  Wallpaper China, Marie Claire China, Elle (USA, Singapore), WWD. Garments and accessories have been dressed on celebrities including Halsey, Liu Wen, Ju Xiaowen, Camila Cabello, Karlie Kloss, Olivia Rodrigo and Lorde in collaboration with well-recognized photographers such as Tim Walker, Mario Sorrenti, Leslie Zhang JiaCheng, and Zhong Lin.