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  • Vogue Czechoslovak December 2022 Cover - Kris Jenner
  • W magazine Cover, Jennifer Coolidge 
  • Elle Feburary 2022 Cover - Christina Aguilera
  • Vanity Fair, Cover story, Lizzo
  • Instyle China September Issue Cover story
  • Perfect magazine, Cover 
  • Wallpaper 4th Anniversary Cover 
  • Vogue China Oct issue, Cover story 
  • Beijing Youth Weekly, Cover 
  • Madame Figaro Hong Kong Cover
  • Marie Claire China July cover - Sun Li 孙俪
  • Vogue Portugal July Cover 
  • Vogue China Aug issue Cover story 
  • Teen Vogue Cover
  • Wallpaper cover story 
  • Wallpaper September issue Cover (used the hat from my brand)
  • Marie Claire China August issue editorial 
  • Marie Claire China September issue editorial 
  • L'officiel Ukraine editorial 
  • Harper’s Bazaar China cover story 
  • Harper’s Bazaar KZ cover story MAY
  • Marie Claire China October issue cover story 
  • Modern weekly Cover story - Guo Caijie 郭采洁
  • Allure(USA) Cover story 
  • Elle Singapore Cover story 
  • Dazed SS21 cover story 
  • Modern weekly cover story 
  • Elle USA cover story - Olivia Rodrigo 
  • NYLON China cover story- Jane Zhang 张靓颖
  • NYLON China cover story- Zhao Linying 赵丽颖
  • Vogue Scandinavia Cover story 
  • Marie Claire China Nov issue cover story
  • Harpers Bazaar Vietnam Cover story 
  • Ballroom blue balloon cover story - Ju Xiaowen 雎晓雯
  • L'officiel Ukraine - cover story green lace -cheka 
  • Elle Canada Cover story - Green lace 
  • Marie Claire China cover story - Liu Wen刘雯
  • Marie Claire China cover story Dec issue
  • Super Elle Cover Story: Cecilia Song宋妍霏
  • Evening Standard January Cover - Lorde
  • Glamour Mag Global cover - Camila Cabello
  • Harpers Bazaar  HK October - ALONE
  • Elle Taiwan Cover story - Waa Wei 魏如轩
  • Vogue Portugal Dec issue